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Experience for store | Amaro

In this article, I will tell you a little about my process. I joined AMARO as a Product Designer to work on the Guide Shop experience, that become a new challenge in my career, which was always very focused on working online.


1. Understanding business and context. I believe this is actually essential for any product designer, whether in the area or project that person is in. However, I got closer to business people, having a good relationship with product managers, and carrying out visits and surveys with employees and customers made me get closer to the problems and challenges of the area, in addition to understanding how the processes worked. 2. What does the NPS say? NPS it's a super important data for stores. At AMARO we always had a very high NPS rate from customers who bought. But when we did a survey of customers who weren't buying, we found a lot of things and the NPS rate was a little different for those people. Through a simple satisfaction survey, we were able to map out some opportunities. 3. Cross-experiences and complex flows.

Working with store experience is working with service design and understanding how the services and internal platforms of the store intersect, it is working with internal devices of the store such as mobile, tablet, and collecting machines. It's also about understanding how physical POS's or checkout experiences work. It's understanding how the digital customer journey will direct the customer to the physical. It is important to map all these scenarios so that there are no gaps in the journey of some functionality. Some flows I created for experiences such as click and collect, checkout in store and express delivery modalities:

4. A good navigable prototype explains more than a flow. As I said before, store flows are complex, and what helps to explain all scenarios is a good navigable prototype. Whenever I had a proposal already developed, I focused on presenting a prototype on average, to explain interactions and clear technical doubts with the development team. There, I could already validate what was viable or not, and it was very easy for everyone to understand the proposal. Designs/functionalities realized for Click and Collect:

Designs/functionalities realized for sales and checkout in store:

5. The employee's experience is very important for efficient service and store operation. I had the opportunity to interview collaborators and managers for some projects, and talking to them was amazing. I had a great perception of what the needs and difficulties were at a hierarchical level. In addition to conducting the research, I invited people from the team to participate as listeners in some interviews, so both fronts and tech leads participated in this process and managed to see value in some of the protostas I made. This research was also presented to other business teams, in addition to the team that worked on backstage products in the store. Collaborator persona I created after doing interviews:

6. Is your customer really the persona stakeholders believe him/her to be? Some companies go through a major expansion process and the perception of who our customer is can change in this process. This was something I identified by conducting a survey of the physicist's clients. With a Focus Group dynamic, we were able to identify some profiles of potential customers and customers who were already lovers. This work was enriching for the area, in addition to supporting business decisions based on data and knowledge. Store personas I created after doing interviews:

7. Mapping journeys. Mapping the physical customer journey was the biggest challenge I had, as there are many paths. But through operations and store visits I was able to build what were the main pains in each step of the journey. Journey to Click and Collect Experience:

Customer journey in store mapping main pains at each stage and location of the store:

This was a summary of my experience at AMARO.


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